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YouTube app for Android gets pre-roll ads, access to Vevo's music video library

YouTube for Android Vevo videosHot on the heels of Vevo launching its music video app for Android, the YouTube app for Google's mobile operating system has also received access to Vevo's extensive music video library. To watch the videos your phone needs to be running at least Android 2.2, and your YouTube app has to be version 2.x. The latest version of the YouTube app is available in the Android Market.

Within YouTube for Android, music videos are now clearly marked with a music note symbol. You can also read the artist's bio while watching the video. The 'artist tracks' tab lets you easily discover more music from the same singer, and the 'related artists' tab will give you suggestions for similar bands or singers.

Additionally, YouTube for Android will begin showing pre-roll ads for "tens of thousands of YouTube partner videos", and although Google has tested ads on YouTube mobile before this will be the largest step they've ever made towards mobile monetization.

Ads on mobile YouTube were clearly coming, of course, since this is Google we're talking about after all, but perhaps some Android device owners will still be surprised at just how many they'll start seeing all of a sudden. Mobile ads on other platforms will be the next step for Google, but for now, Android users are alone in this.

Finally, while announcing all of the above in a blog post, YouTube also shared an interesting stat with the world: it now gets more than 200 million views a day from mobile devices, an increase of 300% over 2009 levels.

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