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PBS app for iPhone streams TV shows for free

PBS for iPhonePBS has recently launched an iPhone application that allows you to stream PBS programs to your phone for free. The app also lets you view clips from shows, previews, and detailed schedules.

PBS for iPhone unfortunately doesn't have as many episodes of each show available as there are on its website, but the latest episodes of popular shows such as American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, Austin City Limits, Frontline, Independent Lens, Masterpiece Classic, Nature, Nova, and POV, are all there. PBS NewsHour segments are also present, as are original online series, including Nova ScienceNow's Secret Life of Scientists and FutureStates from Independent Lens.

You can create reminders for your favorite shows in iCal, bookmark favorite programs and episodes, and share videos with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and via email.

As with all PBS products, the app incorporates a way to donate to PBS if you wish to support the production of the shows you're watching. Of course, donating is optional, and the feature isn't annoying in any way.

Download PBS for iPhone from the iTunes App Store

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