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Vevo app for Android brings the massive music video site to your mobile device

Vevo launched an iPad app in December, and now they're following up with an app for Android devices. Unfortunately, however, the first release of Vevo for Android leaves a bit to be desired.

When you first fire up the app -- which takes a little longer than I'd like it to -- you're given a slideshow of five top videos to check out. Tapping the home icon on Vevo's toolbar will bring you back to this screen, but again there's a noticeable delay. The videos tab displays top viewed clips, but you can quickly switch to new releases or premieres. Vevo also lets you browse by top or new artists, and the playlist screen offers video charts and celebrity picks -- chosen by the likes of Nelly and Christina Aguilera.

The built-in search function works well, though there are plenty of bands I wasn't able to find -- like Tool and Disturbed -- but that's likely a geographical restriction or record label issue at work. Once you've selected a video to watch, you'll see a brief interstitial with a random musical factoid before playback begins. Standard playback quality is decent, though HQ mode offers a serious improvement. At the top of the playback window, you can tap to share via Twitter or email -- those are the only options available at this time.

My biggest gripe with Vevo for Android is that it doesn't resume playback at your current position if you jump out to another app then jump back to continue viewing. I'd really like to see it handle resuming the way the YouTube Android app does.

Check the gallery for more images of Vevo for Android in action, or hit the AppBrain link to download on your device. There's a QR code after the break.

Vevo for Android

Download Vevo for Android [AppBrain]

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