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Sony sues iPhone jailbreaker Geohot over PS3 firmware 3.55 hack

Geohot MugshotSeems like it's PlayStation morning! Just two days after the release of a PlayStation 3 jailbreak for firmware version 3.55, Sony is suing the creators -- one of which is none other than Geohot (pictured right), of iPhone limera1n jailbreak infamy. Both the root keys that made the jailbreak possible, and the jailbreak itself, have been removed from Geohot's website, pending a decision from the courts.

What's odd, though, is that this jailbreak doesn't allow pirated games to be run on the PlayStation 3; rather, it's simply aimed at allowing the homebrew community to install their own custom packages. Ultimately, Geohot wants to bring back the "install another OS" option, which Sony removed back in March 2010 -- but now we'll have to wait for the resolution of the court case to see if it's possible.

The legal documents are available from Geohot's website (but it's starting to get pretty slow!) There's also a video of the jailbreak in action after the break.

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