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Official PlayStation iPhone app launches in Europe

PlayStation iPhone app
We heard it was coming, but now it's here -- the Official PlayStation iPhone app is now available. Essentially a gateway to the PSN, the app allows you to "take the incredible world of PlayStation everywhere you go." Sounds promising, but you might be disappointed to know that all it allows you to do is check your trophies and the current online status of your friends -- there's no PSN chat for instance, and certainly no games to play. The Official PlayStation app is by no means the first iOS app to enable you to do this either, but it is free and could mark an expansion of the PSN out from consoles.

Official PlayStation iPhone app

The app also syndicates news, and content from and the PlayStation.Blog, so you can keep abreast of all the latest official developments. A catalog of PlayStation games is accessible, complete with trailers and write ups if you're looking for information on a particular game. It's simple to use too, just log in with your PSN credentials and the app will pull down all the relevant information. Currently it's only available in Europe, but if you're a PlayStation gamer, this free app is certainly worth checking out. Just don't expect it to do a whole lot.

PlayStation Official App [iTunes] - Free

Update: the app should also be available for Android today.

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