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Internet Explorer 9 RC to have "show tabs below address bar" option

Microsoft knows who uses Internet Explorer -- and understands that those people aren't always keen on big changes. Internet Explorer 9's updated interface could come as quite a shock to some users, with its compact address bar and in-line tabs. It seems, however, that Microsoft will add in an optional switch to impart a more IE8-style appearance.

The Internet Explorer 9 RC build is set to introduce a "show tabs below address bar" option. To activate the old school look, just right click on the IE9 tab bar and select the option from the menu. It's a much more familiar look to the average IE user -- all that's really missing is the separate search box and address bar, but let's hope they don't separate the two. We've had enough of explaining to people why they're seeing Google results when we asked them to go to

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