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Evernote for webOS update brings better formatting and tagging, improved notebook view

One of the marquee apps for webOS has received a significant update, with Evernote adding loads of new functionality to its latest version. Among the additions are notebook sorting and filtering options, and a list view for displaying your notes without thumbnails -- a nice way to save a little mobile bandwidth. The editor has also been greatly improved and now offers richer text formatting options, including a choice of 30 font colors.

Adding tags to notes is now easier as well -- just tap the tag icon and select previously-used tags from the list. Currently the list closes after you make your first selection, so hopefully Evernote will change that behavior to make adding multiple tags a smoother process. You'll also only see six tags, and the list isn't scrollable -- so you can only pick from the tags Evernote chooses to display.

To close their official announcement, the Evernote team dangles a carrot in front of users, saying they're "committed to the webOS platform, so you can expect lots more in the future." As someone who owns a Palm Pre, that's nice to hear.

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