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Chevron WP7 jailbreak to be disabled by Windows Phone 7 update

The public download for Chevron WP7 -- the jailbreak/sideloading tool for Windows Phone 7 devices -- didn't remain up for long. After initial discussions with Microsoft and a revelation that Redmond was OK with "official homebrew development," the Chevron team decided to take the app offline. It's still floating around, of course, and still being used by developers -- though that may soon change.

On their team blog, the Chevron crew has now revealed that Microsoft's upcoming January update to Windows Phone 7 will plug the hole Chevron WP7 used to unlock devices. They're also getting ready to head to Washington to discuss homebrew development with Microsoft, as well as other issues raised by the WP7 community at large.

Anyone else curious what exactly "official homebrew" is?

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