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Apple iOS 4.3 Beta and 4.3 SDK now available to developers

iOS 4.3, the next iteration of Apple's mobile operation system, is now in beta. Apple just posted both the new version of the OS and the new SDK in the iOS Dev Center. There's also a beta software update for Apple TV, which will allow iOS 4.3 apps to stream media to your Apple TV via AirPlay.

MacStories is reporting that iOS 4.3 also brings new 4-and-5-finger gestures to the iPad, including a pinch to get to the home screen, and swipes to reveal the multitasking tray or switch apps. AirPlay video streaming from 3rd party apps is back for iOS 4.3 -- for developers who opt in -- and the Personal Hotspot feature and full-screen iAd banners also make an appearance.

Users will be pretty excited about Personal Hotspot, which lets you share your phone's 3G connection with other Wi-Fi enabled devices, but only if carriers like AT&T opt to enable it. Verizon has confirmed that its iPhones will offer the feature, and iOS 4.3 appears to open the door for other carriers to do the same.

Also, it looks like the battle over the side button on the iPad -- whether it should be a mute button or a rotation lock -- is finally over. There's now an option in Preferences where users can choose either of the two. Our sister site, Engadget, has a screenshot.

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