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New Facebook profiles rolling out to everyone, whether you like it or not

Facebook new profile layout
Back in December, Facebook introduced the new profile design, featuring a 'snapshot' of your life at the top, a heavy focus on recent pictures of you, the ability to highlight 'Featured Friends', and many other enhancements. For the past month or so, the new profile has been opt-in, meaning that if for some reason you didn't like its layout, you could choose to stay with the old profile.

That option will not be available for much longer, since Facebook has announced that it has started rolling out the new profile to all of its users, and there's not going to be an option to stick with the old layout. So, in the following weeks, whether you like it or not, you will get the new Facebook profile that Sam described in detail last month.

Once you get the new profile, you'll be able to take a quick tour, by clicking a link at the top of your profile page. More information about the new profile is available here, and a demo video is waiting for you after the break.

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