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Google Chrome's tabbed options page now enabled by default

When Google made the decision to introduce an in-tab bookmark manager for Chrome, it only made sense that other personal pages -- like your settings -- would move to tabs as well. A tabbed options page for Chrome began taking shape in July 2010, when we shared a video of the feature working in Chromium. Now, it's become the default in Chrome Canary.

It's just as easy to get around in the tabbed settings page and perhaps a little easier, since the search field allows you to find specific settings instantly -- and we do mean instant. As with Google Instant in the Omnibar, Chrome will load settings which match your input in real time in the righthand pane. The search function will even pull in portions of separate settings pages, which you can see in the screenshot after the break.

So why switch to an in-tab options page? It's easier for Google to maintain across versions, since they don't need to worry about differences in user interfaces across the Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS builds. Everything is rendered by Chrome using standard Web code.

One thing we'd like to see changed is the entry in the Windows wrench menu -- clicking Options to open a page called Settings doesn't quite make sense.

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