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Instagram Shuffle displays Twitter-shared Instagram shots in real-time

Instagram Shuffle
Have you ever wanted to browse a collection of Instagram-produced photos, but don't have an iOS device? Well now you can with Instagram Shuffle.

Essentially displaying Twitter shared Instagram photos in real-time, Instagram Shuffle displays a new photo every time you hit refresh or click 'Shuffle.' Although Instagram photos aren't necessarily always shared on Twitter, there are enough to give you a real taste of what Instagram users are sharing at any one given time. With a plethora of photo filters available, most shared photos are of the artistic or interesting variety; but if you happen to land on a dull shot of someone's breakfast, all you have to do is refresh to get a new one.

If you're stuck with some time to kill, or fancy checking out some surprisingly interesting photos, then head on over to Instagram Shuffle and give it a whirl.

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