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Evernote gains 40,000 new users thanks to Mac App Store

Showing the raw power that a well-organized, central source for apps can have for driving users to a particular app -- Evernote saw a 40,000 user surge thanks to the Mac App Store. Apple itself reported that the Mac App Store saw one million downloads in its first day, and while some aren't keen on the idea of an iOS-style walled garden coming to the Mac, no-one can argue that having an easy to use, centrally located source for apps can help app developers. Of course with Apple taking a hefty cut of revenue, the Mac App Store could be a double-edged sword; but getting your quality app into the field-of-view of millions of users is now a lot easier thanks to Apple -- at least for the time being. When the Mac App Store inevitably starts to fill up, Mac developers might end up facing the same problem as their iOS-counterparts: How do you stand out in a sea of mediocre applications?

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