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Ramps becomes addictive iPhone game

Ramps for iPhone
With console-quality iPhone games coming at you left and right these days, it's easy to forget that games like Rolando were the stars of the show a couple of years ago. Now, in the same vein as Rolando, one of our favorite time wasters has made the jump to iOS -- introducing Ramps for iPhone.

The premise, like many other popular time waster-style iOS titles is simple: get the rolling smiley ball into the cup. As the name might suggest, you use ramps to guide the ball from the outlet at the top of the screen, past various crazy obstructions, into the cup at the bottom. The levels start off fairly easy, with obvious straightforward solutions. As you progress however, death traps come into play, obstacles block the easy path, and the cup becomes only just big enough to take the ball.

The controls are simple and intuitive, drag the center of the ramp to where you want it and then grab the end of the ramp to set the correct angle. There are a bunch of Game Center achievements to work your way through too, as well as a set of three challenges per level. Successfully completing the challenges, which range from time conditions to collecting gold coins on the way to the cup, gives you the elusive gold cup for each level.

Ramps for iPhone

Somehow Ramps reminds me a lot of Lemmings, and that's no bad thing. With two worlds to choose from giving you a total of 100 levels to work your way through, there's plenty to love about Ramps. The Game Center integration is excellent, and level challenges mean that there's lots to come back and achieve. If you're after another addictive little time waster for your pocket pal and you like games like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds, then check out Ramps -- it certainly gets two thumbs up from us.

Ramps for iPhone [iTunes] - $2.99

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