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Mac App Store cracked already, Kickback on the horizon

Mac App Store Cracked
Well that didn't take a long -- the Mac App Store DRM-system has been cracked literally hours into its fledgling release. It seems there are two weaknesses in the App Store anti-piracy system currently being exploited. One simply relies on sloppy coding by app developers that lets people literally copy the code signature and a few other files from a free app and paste it into a paid-for app to enable it to run. If developers had followed Apple's guidelines properly, a check would have been put in place that looks to see if the code signature ID matches that of the app's bundle ID, rather than simply looking to see if a signature is present.

The other DRM-stripping method on the horizon uses an application called 'Kickback,' which does for the Mac App Store what the Hackulous community did for the iOS App Store. Thankfully for developers the application is currently unavailable, with Dissident, a member of the Hackulous collective, stating that they'll hold off until "crap" appears in the Mac App Store.

It looks as if Apple may have a fight on its hands with piracy in the Mac App Store, but then Mac app piracy is nothing new. It's certain that developers will have to up their game and come into line with Apple's guidelines regarding anti-piracy measures at the very least.

[Download Squad condemns all forms of piracy, which in the long run, hurts both developers and consumers alike. -Ed]

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