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Hulu Plus for Android is coming soon, available on Vizio HDTVs now

Hulu Plus for Android demo
During Samsung's keynote at CES yesterday, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has revealed for the first time that Hulu is actively working on bringing its Hulu Plus subscription service to Android. There was no mention of a specific release time frame, the only detail given was that the application will become available in the "coming months". An new announcement will be made when a release date is set.

Hulu Plus for Android will only work on Android 2.2 (and, presumably, newer versions of the OS, but the announcement only specifically mentioned 2.2), and only on 'select Android phones'. To make your wait more bearable, above you see a glimpse of the user interface of Hulu Plus for Android.

Hulu has also announced that Hulu Plus is now available on Vizio Internet-connected HDTVs, and will become available on Vizio Blu-ray players and Haier HDTVs and Blu-ray players later this year.

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