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Flickr for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 tablets shown off in promo video

Flickr Windows Phone 7Windows Phone 7 may have 5,500 apps, but Flickr isn't one of them -- yet. The Yahoo-owned photo sharing service has released a preview video of its up-and-coming app for Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 tablet devices. All the expected features seem to be there, with photo viewing, uploading, and sharing mixed together with Metro-styling on WP7. Sideways scrolling panes take president, and WP7 devices even thumbnails on their home screen icon. The Windows 7 tablet experience resembles that of some recent iPad apps, with sliding panes and tap-to-expand images. Flickr's even built-in some sort of sync solution into both apps meaning you can transition from your WP7 device to your Windows 7 tablet and still keep your place in the photos you were viewing.

Check out the brief run-through in the video we've included after the break, or check out the Flickr Windows 7 page for more details and a chance to win a Windows 7 tablet.

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