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Windows 8 to support System on a Chip on ARM, x86 architectures

There's been plenty of buzz about Microsoft showing off Windows 8 -- if that is, in fact, what the next version is eventually dubbed -- on an ARM device at CES 2011, and a press release from Redmond has made the news official. The upcoming Windows release will support System on a Chip architectures -- including those from ARM, Intel, and AMD.

Windows for ARM is capable of delivering hardware accelerated Web browsing, graphics, and media playback, and USB peripheral and printing support should be on par with its x86 sibling. And yes, there will be an ARM-compatible version of Microsoft Office available as well.

With System on a Chip support in Windows 8, Microsoft pledges to allow "industry partners to design and deliver the widest range of hardware ever." Check back for more CES updates from Microsoft as events unfold!

Update: Microsoft has now posted a Q&A session with Windows chief Steven Sinofsky. Hit the link to read his musings!

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