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Thunderbird gets Twitter support via TweeQuilla proof-of-concept add-on

Use Thunderbird? Well, now you can use it with Twitter, too! At least if you're using it on Windows that is.

The new add-on is called TweeQuilla, and it's just at version 0.1. TweeQuilla shows the tweets as messages in the message pane, and if a tweet includes a URL, it uses the preview pane to show that URL.

It's a clever add-on since it's actually written in JavaScript, and Thunderbird was never meant to be extended using JavaScript. The way it accomplishes its voodoo is via a binary layer, which is sadly Windows-specific at this point.

However, the developer is looking for cohorts to help him bring the project to Linux and OS X as well. Still, if you're a Windows Thunderbird user, this might help push your aging 'bird into the realm of social networking.

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