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Social Web browser Flock acquired by casual gaming giant Zynga

One of the biggest names in social gaming has decided to make a move into the application space. Zynga -- who brought the immensely popular Farmville to Facebook -- has purchased Flock, one of the first Web browsers to offer an integrated social networking experience.

Zynga's massive userbase could certainly give Flock a boost -- especially since it's a foregone conclusion that Zynga users are pretty keen on sites like Facebook. Right now, Zynga's network includes around 250 million users. Flock, by contrast, has about 10 million -- though it's still one of the top ten desktop Facebook apps.

Whether this means you'll see Flock-specific Zynga games remains to be seen, but as a pair of cross-promotional tools, Zynga and Flock are a match made in heaven. Head over to the Flock blog to check out CEO Shawn Hardin's thoughts on the acquisition.

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