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Minimize all inactive windows in Windows 7 with a quick keyboard shortcut

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This week, we're running a series of keyboard tips and tricks that help you make the most of Windows 7. To see the previous tips, check our Tips index.

Sometimes you may find yourself in the middle of a working day with your desktop cluttered by a zillion open windows. This can be distracting and make it difficult to focus on what you're doing right now. If you like using your mouse, you could use Aero Shake; just click the title bar of the window you're trying to focus on, and "shake" it around (move it from side to side quickly). All other windows would minimize, and you'd be left with just the window you want to see. But since this series is about the keyboard, here's how you do it without touching the mouse: hit Win+Home and every inactive window instantly minimizes. Presto! [Hitting Win+Home again un-minimizes every window! -Ed]

Come back tomorrow for the next keyboard tip, or, if you'd like to read a whole bunch at once, check out Sebastian's epic list.

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