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Drupal 7 launches with friendlier UI and simpler installation

Drupal 7In the world of open source content management systems, it's easy to forget that there's another big player aside from WordPress: Drupal. With Drupal powering 1% of all the websites in the world, including such high profile sites as, it should probably show up on your radar if you're looking for a solid CMS.

Some of the quirks that have always been associated with Drupal have been ironed out, others -- such as usability -- have been made a bit better and will be the focus of Drupal 8. In Drupal 7, the installation procedure has been simplified (though it still isn't at WordPress levels of simplicity), the administration interface has been redesigned, the code has generally been optimized, and there are more flexible options for content.

The content, users and configuration screens have been reorganized. There are also many improvements for developers and system administrators, such as a new field system, better update and maintenance procedures, and the ability to connect Drupal to almost any type of database.

The default installation includes modules for OpenID support, forums and contact forms, and any of these can be enabled or disabled if you so choose.

Documentation on installing Drupal 7 is available here, and if you're wondering how to update from Drupal 6, you can go here.

A demo video quickly highlighting what's new in Drupal 7 is hiding after the break.

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