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Amazon's Android Market competitor now accepting developer submissions

A few months back, Amazon announced that it would be launching an alternative to Google's Android Market. Amazon's offering would be a kind of hybrid between the Android Market and Apple's App Store. It will be curated -- where the Android Market is not -- but still open to all kinds of apps as long as there is no pornographic or expressly illegal content.

One of the big quirks here is that Amazon will be in control of pricing. Developers can submit a list price with their apps, but Amazon will ultimately determine the selling price using various market factors. As has become standard with app stores, Amazon will take a 30% cut -- though if an app is ever heavily discounted, developers are still guaranteed a minimum of 20% of their list price. Amazon's rules also dictate that all apps must be safe, do exactly what they say they do, and function properly.

Their are scores of low-cost Android devices in the wild that don't ship with access to the official Market, so Amazon -- which is likely selling tablets like these by the truckload -- is in an excellent position to make some follow-up cash selling apps to its own customers. Heck, they could even work with bigger name OEMs like Archos to ship their store pre-installed on some devices once the store expands internationally. Initially, the Amazon Appstore is going to be U.S. only.

Developers can sign up and start submitting apps now over at the Amazon Appstore dev portal.

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