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Metro Home brings a little Windows Phone 7 style to your desktop

HTC Home is a nice desktop implementation of HTC's shiny Android homescreen widgets. Suppose, however, you prefer the typographical simplicity of Windows Phone 7's Metro UI. Well, you're in luck: HTC Home's developer has just released Metro Home for Windows.

Metro Home is a portable, customizable desktop widget (remixed from HTC Home) which can display the date and time, local weather conditions, and a short range forecast. It's also got a small picture display window like the one you can utilize on the Windows Phone 7 homescreen. Right now, if you want to change the default path you'll need to do some manual hacking as described by the developer -- or you can drop some files into the Metro_Home\Widgets\WeatherClock\Pictures folder.

The .Net 4.0 framework is required, so make sure you've got it installed prior to launching Metro Home.

Download Metro Home for Windows

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