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iTunes Remote for Windows Phone 7 controls playlists, volume, and multiple libraries

Just because you picked up a new Windows Phone 7 device doesn't mean you're using Zune to manage your desktop audio collection. If iTunes is your app of choice, head over to the Zune Marketplace and take a look at iTunes Remote for Windows Phone 7.

The mobile app gives you complete control over iTunes playback once you've paired it with your computer using the free desktop pairing software. In addition to showing you what's currently playing, iTunes Remote also lets you browse and search your collection. All the playback controls you'd expect are offered -- you can pause, resume, skip, stop, and adjust the volume. iTunes Remote also supports multiple libraries, so you can control playback from as many iTunes instances as you please.

iTunes Remote for Windows Phone 7 sells for $1.99 in the Zune Marketplace.

Download iTunes Remote for Windows Phone 7
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