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BlackBerry PlayBook browser demo video shows off HTML5 support, Flash performance

blackberry playbook flash demo
RIM's upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will sport a dual-core processor that makes it powerful enough to handle Flash games and video on the web -- if the browser is up to it, that is. RIM has just posted a PlayBook demo video that seems to demonstrate that both the hardware and the software can handle the stuff most people do on their desktop web browsers -- Facebook, Facebook Chat, Flash games and Flash video. Of course, it can also play streaming HTML5 video with no problem.

In the video, RIM repeatedly pushes a "full desktop version of the web, no compromises" message. The demo smoothly travels through YouTube, Facebook, and into a game of the Flash-based Gems Swap 2. But, in spite of all the times the narrator says "uncompromising," there is one itty-bitty little compromise: playing Flash games with your finger on a touch screen isn't always going to be a great experience (nor will it necessarily even work). As Brad Linder at Liliputing points out, though, developers are likely to work around that limitation and build games for the growing touchscreen audience.

Check out the video for yourself below.

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