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Activate specific windows in Windows 7 with a taskbar keyboard shortcut

This week, we're running a series of keyboard tips and tricks that help you make the most of Windows 7. To see the previous tips, check our Tips index.

The Windows 7 taskbar has large, chunky icons. They're easy to hit with the mouse, but what's nicer still is that they're easy to count. You can easily see what's the third icon, for example, and so, hitting Win+3 would be like clicking that icon. That means if the application isn't running yet, Win+3 is going to run it; and if it already is running, Win+3 will switch between all open instances of that application, and even pop up a neat Aero Peek pane next to the taskbar, showing you thumbnails of all of the instances you're switching between. If have a few apps pinned to your taskbar and don't switch their order very often, very soon you'll know their numbers by heart, and using Win+Number could become second nature.

Come back tomorrow for the next keyboard tip, or, if you'd like to read a whole bunch at once, check out Sebastian's epic list.

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