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Install any OS on a Google CR-48 laptop with Luigi

Our pal Hexxeh is at it again, only this time it's not Google's Chromium OS that he's hacking -- it's the Google Chrome OS Cr-48 laptop. We've previously shared posts about installing Ubuntu, Windows 7, and OS X on the CR-48, but the process has been a little on the complex side until now.

Hexxeh's new tool -- Luigi -- simplifies the process greatly. As long as you can follow his 12-step program and don't mind popping open the CR-48 case for a quick bit of hardware tinkering you'll be able to install your OS of choice in no time. Once you've downloaded Luigi using wget from a Chrome OS terminal window, a firmware flash and a reboot is all that's needed to enable booting any OS installer via a USB drive.

Check out Hexxeh's video after the break to see how the process unfolds!

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