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How to switch windows in Windows 7 with Flip 3D

Keyboard tips
Today we're kicking off a brand new series of tips on Download Squad. We hope to highlight little tips and tricks that you've probably never heard of, and may just revolutionize the way you use your favorite apps and tools -- from encoding video for YouTube, to remoting with VNC on your phone. Today, we begin with Windows keyboard shortcuts!

Back when Windows Vista was all the rage, it debuted a feature called Flip 3D. It's a neat window switcher that displays the currently open windows as a 3-dimensional stack of windows that you sort through, one by one. Well, it's still with us on Windows 7: Try it now by hitting Win+Tab.

Come back tomorrow for the next keyboard tip, or, if you'd like to read a whole bunch at once, check out Sebastian's epic list.

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