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Flattr micropayment app arrives in the Android Market

Flattr offers a handy way to support the people, places, and things you enjoy without having to pull out your wallet. It's a very slick micropayment service, which lets users tip people they normally couldn't -- such as independent bloggers or digital artists whose work they enjoy online. But with the introduction of their new Android app, users can now easily donate via Flattr in the real world.

A busker, for example, could slap a Flattr QR Code sticker on his or her guitar case and you could scan it and offer up a portion of your Flattr funds. Currently, Flattr is in use on more than 100,000 items and over 300,000 payments made. With the introduction of the new Android app, expect to see those numbers climb in the coming months.

Hit the link below to install, or take the jump to scan the QR Code.

Download Flattr for Android [AppBrain Link]

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