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Tune Pop for Android lets you easily see what song is playing

Tune Pop for Android, music notification
Notifications on the Android platform a bit, er, awful. The notification bar at the top of the screen just simply doesn't cut it when it comes to displaying important information -- it's completely out of the way, and it garbles anything longer than a few words. Basically, it's only useful if you actively check -- let's see if I have any messages.. -- which isn't really the point of notifications.

Tune Pop isn't a fix for all of Android's notification problems, but it does make listening to music a whole lot easier. Tune Pop shows a toast box in the middle of your screen, whether you are currently in your music player app or not. Obviously, this doesn't help if you are actively using your phone as a music player -- but if you've started some music, then switched to the Web browser or GPS navigation, Tune Pop's notifications are pretty damn handy! Don't worry if you miss the first notification, either: just shake your phone and the toast window will pop back up.

Tune Pop is free [AppBrain], and works with most Android media players, including the built-in apps, Grooveshark, Winamp, MixZing, and more. If you want to customize the notification windows, you'll need to pick up the Pro version for 99 cents. There's a QR code for the free version after the break.

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