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12 favorite Time Wasters from 2010 to kick off your 2011 gaming!

Our 12 favorite Time Wasters from 2010
2010 has come to a close, and that means it's time for us to kill what little remains of your final Friday productivity with a look back at some of our best Time Wasters. Grab your mouse and keep your eyes peeled for the boss, it's time to fire up some casual gaming goodness in your Web browser!

Each screenshot is linked directly to the game pictured -- so when you see something which catches your eye, click on through and start playing!


Jason called Pulsus "one of the best physics games [he'd] played in quite a while." Use your "tools" to guide the particles onto the goal platforms to score points and complete levels.

One Button Bob

Dead simple controls don't make this one any easier. Clockwork Monster's One Button Bob is a fun, pixelated adventure where you have to figure out what your left mouse button does -- and then use it properly to pass each level.

Home Sheep Home

A Time Waster by Aardman Studios? Sign us up! Guide the three sheep to the sign post to complete each level in this ovine physics puzzler.

Sushi Cat

Sushi Cat has a thing for -- you guessed it -- sushi. It's up to you to help him fill his belly (Plinko style!), and it's more addictive than you might think. The artwork is some of the cutest we've seen this year from a Time Waster.


If you love space battles and can't get enough in-game equipment upgrades, Enigmata ought to be right up your alley. Power up and destroy your enemies while avoiding their annoying (and debilitating) X mines.

Dogfight 2

Another one for those of you who enjoy aerial combat! Dogfight 2 is fun, addictive, plane-on-plane action. Don't content yourself with merely shooting enemies out of the sky -- you'll earn bonus points for acrobatic maneuvers!


Test your mousing abilities in this slick Time Waster where graphics take a back seat to gameplay. Concentric also has a really nice soundtrack to accompany you as you nimbly mouse, dodge, and collect points.

Super Mario Crossover

What could possibly make the original SMB more fun? How about if you could play through as Samus, Mega Man, or Link? Sure, having full-time firepower might make the game a little less challenging... but there's something satisfying about blasting koopas.


Fancy some one-on-one Risk-style gaming in your browser? Check out Warlight, which lets you match wits against an AI opponent or one of your friends!

Fantastic Contraption 2

One of our all-time favorite physics Time Wasters, Fantastic Contraption was back with a new version in 2010 -- and it's every bit as good as the original.

Sprocket Rocket

Help Wallace and Gromit complete their rocket and fly to the moon -- yes, it's another Aardman game, but it's a ton of fun, too. Interestingly enough, it's sponsored by the U.K. Intellectual Property office.

Pirates Love Daisies

Who cares about drag-and-drop uploading -- bring on the HTML5 Time Wasters! Pirates Love Daisies is a surprisingly addictive tower defense game. Protect your daisy patch from being pilfered by various beasts from the sea, and watch out for airborne attacks!

Got another favorite game we didn't list? Share it in the comments, and get ready for more fun Time Wasters in 2011!

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