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Sophisticated Android Geinimi Trojan appears in the wild

Over at the Lookout Mobile Security blog there's news of a sophisticated new trojan spreading on Android devices. Dubbed Geinimi, the Trojan has been injected into legitimate versions of Android games (primarily) and apps, and distributed via third-party app stores in China.

While Lookout isn't certain of Geinimi's intent, the company believes it to be capable of receiving commands from a central server, and that the trojan can also collect and transmit a significant amount of user data. Lookout also believes there is a possibility that Geinimi could be laying the groundwork for an Android botnet.

As Lookout points out, it's easy enough to protect yourself:
  • Don't install apps from untrusted third-party application markets
  • Don't enable Android's "install from unknown sources" setting
  • Install a good anti-malware app on your device
There are plenty of good, free anti-malware apps available for Android devices -- like AVG, Creative Apps Antivirus, NetQin Antivirus, and, of course, Lookout's own offering. Search for one in the market, or hit up the AppBrain links after the break!

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Lookout Mobile Security

NetQin Antivirus

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