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LastPass now available for Windows Phone 7

Though the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is growing steadily, the platform is still lacking plenty of marquee apps. You can now cross one off the list, however -- popular password manager LastPass has arrived! Log in to the app, tap a site in your list, and the WP7 browser opens and LastPass logs you in automatically.

Right now, LastPass for WP7 is read-only, meaning it can pull down all your credentials which are stored in the LastPass cloud but it can't upload new sites from your device. The app also currently only works on sites with that use JavaScript, which LastPass states is an issue Microsoft itself has to resolve.

As with LastPass on other mobile OSes, we suspect you'll need a LastPass Premium subscription ($12/year) to use the Windows Phone 7 app beyond a trial period. We'll update this post as soon as we receive confirmation one way or the other.

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