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Twitter Tuesday - Back up your tweets with Tweetstream and see Twitter friends' other profiles with Hoverme

Hey, Twitter fans! It's almost 2011, and we're nearing the end of a year where Twitter users posted an astounding 25 billion tweets. That's an awful lot of data to protect, so you might want to start off the new year by archiving your own tweets with Tweetstream. Tweetstream starts by backing up your past 3,200 tweets (the maximum Twitter's API will allow), and then automatically syncing as you tweet more. Tweetstream is entirely searchable, as opposed to Twitter's built-in search function, which only goes back two weeks -- and it even saves your friends, followers, and lists.

Tweetstream is free for up to 3 accounts and 500mb of storage (that's a lot of tweets!), but doesn't include the search function. Premium accounts -- on sale for $5 a year right now -- give you 5GB of storage. A premium account will also save your tweeted photos, sync unlimited accounts daily, and provide searching. Both free and premium accounts can be set to back up to your own FTP server or Amazon S3 account. If you're concerned about preserving your twitter memories from 2010, you'd be doing yourself a favor by using Tweetstream or a similar service (like BackupMyTweets or the Backupify-powered TweetBackup).

Gross, But A Bit Funny: See Who's Pooping On Twitter

If you're the kind of person who might get a kick out of seeing a real-time feed of Twitter users currently telling the world about their bowel movements, Wonder-Tonic's novelty site "Who's Pooping on Twitter?" is for you. It captures tweets with phrases like "pooping," "taking a s**t," and "taking a dump." Of course, if we're going to get picky, this only covers toilet-bound tweeters of the English persuasion. The site also reveals a popular game where friends who manage to get ahold of one another's phones send prank "pooping" messages from each others' Twitter accounts.

Hoverme Browser Add-On Reveals Twitter Friends' Other Social Networking Profiles

If you've ever wanted to add a Twitter friend on another social network, a new browser add-on called Hoverme might pique your interest. Hoverme enables "social web hovercards" for Twitter users you follow. That means hovering over someone's Twitter name will show you a little contextual pop-up with links to your their Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr and Delicious profiles, amongst others. It's as easy as installing the Hoverme add-on for Firefox, Chrome or IE.

Dwolla Lets You Send and Receive Money Over Twitter

If you need to throw a little cash at your Twitter buddies, or collect on a bet with a Twitter friend, Dwolla can help. It's like PayPal, minus the fees, and connected via Twitter and Facebook. Our own Vlad Bobleanta has more details in his post about Dwolla.

Well, that's it for Twitter Tuesday this week. The holidays made for a fairly slow Twitter news week, but 2011 is sure to bring more apps and features from Twitter and its third-party devs. Tune in next week for the latest and greatest Twitter stuff!

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