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Double Exposure Pro photo blending app for iPhone

Double Exposure Pro
The iPhone has packed a pretty good camera ever since the iPhone 3GS was launched, but it was the iPhone 4's five-megapixel camera that really brought out the photographer in iOS. Now that we know we can take decent pictures on an iPhone, photo modification apps have really come into their own, and Double Exposure Pro is no exception.

Essentially allowing you to combine two photos into one, with filters and control of the blending, Double Exposure Pro lets you create some really interesting and unique photos. Although a lot of apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic already allow you to apply filters and effects to photos, not many other apps allow you to blend two photos together on the iPhone. Double Exposure Pro uses a pretty simple slider based interface that allows you to combine photos, apply filters, or make adjustments to brightness and contrast with either a slider bar or by sliding your finger across the photo. There's even a pretty comprehensive help menu in the app that'll explain the features and guide you through the process should you lose your way.

Crop and adjustFirst, you have to select two photos, either from your library or directly from the camera. Modifying each photo is a breeze, with a panel selection screen allowing you to adjust the brightness, crop, or retake each photo by tapping the tool's icon. Cropping a photo couldn't be easier -- simply use the universal pinch-to-zoom gestures. Likewise, to adjust the brightness just tap the brightness icon and slide your finger across the photo to increase or decrease brightness. Once you've got the two photos cropped, adjusted, and lined up, you can apply a color filter. You get a choice of six different colors to apply -- milk, noctan, warpz, scarlet, moss, and marine, which each add a tint to the photos you want to blend. Once everything is set, you can hit the 'lock' icon and use the blend slider to get the photo mix just right. Hitting develop produces your masterpiece, which can be saved to the Camera Roll, emailed, or posted to Facebook and Twitter to impress the world*.

If you're looking for something a little different in a photo app and you've experimented with filters, HDR, and social photo sharing, Double Exposure Pro is a great addition to the iPhone photographers armory. It doesn't do as much as other apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, but it can produce some pretty interesting blends of photos in a fast and fun way.

*Artistic talent not guaranteed.

Double Exposure Pro [iTunes] - $1.99

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