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Wifi Browser Login makes 'browser login' hotel wireless connections easier on Android

Getting hooked up to your hotel's 'browser login' wireless signal is easy enough if you're on a laptop, but connecting with a smartphone when you want to save mobile data dollars can be a bit trickier. For Android users, a free app called Wifi Browser Login (WBL) makes the process a little bit smoother.

Once installed, just jump into the WBL settings and set your preferred options. To connect, simply keep your eyes peeled for a notification to appear when the app detects browser-based access protection. The app can also be configured to automatically open your default Web browser so that you can establish a connection immediately.

As Lifehacker points out, this would make a brilliant addition to a future version of the Android OS itself, but in the meantime the app is free, easy on resources, and well worth an install for Android users who frequent places with browser-secured Wi-Fi.

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