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Sleipnir Web browser for iOS brings tabbed browsing, bookmark sync

If you're on the hunt for a Web browser for your iPhone or iPad with a few additional features, Fenrir -- the company that develops the Sleipnir browser for Windows -- has its first mobile version for iOS [App Store link].

Sleipnir's most interesting feature is its rich tabbed browsing support. In addition to a thumbnailed tab strip along the bottom edge of the browser window (which only displays when in portrait mode), there's also a slick tab set screen. To display your groups, tap the icon on the right side of Sleipnir's toolbar. For groups with a large number of tabs, you can flick to scroll through them, and entire sets can be closed by tapping the X in the top left corner. A maximum of six sets can be stored, and you can't drag or re-order them.

Sleipnir also supports cloud syncing, which will come in handy if you actually use the browser's desktop cousin. Check the video after the break or download the iOS app to try it yourself -- it's free and well worth giving a little hands-on time.

Sleipnir Web Browser for iOS

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