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The 20 iPad apps Gorillaz used on their new album, 'The Fall'

Gorillaz delivered a new album to their fans this Christmas, with a unique twist: it was created mostly on Damon Albarn's iPad. Albarn has revealed the list of 20 different apps he used to make "The Fall," and they're all available in the App Store for any aspiring musician who might want them. Unfortunately, buying up the iPad software to make your own Gorillaz-style album will run you just upward of $120, not including the additional hardware Albarn probably connected to his iPad.

The priciest apps on the list are the professional synths, like the $20 Korg iElectribe and the $11.99 Mellotronics M3000. AmpliTube, a software-based effects pedal that you can use by plugging a guitar or bass into your iPad, is also $20 (it also requires a $40 iRig adapter to connect your instruments). AmpliTube could run you even more, though, because some additional equalizers are available via in-app purchase.

Of course, not all of the apps used on the album require a rock star budget. Mugician is a powerful free synth -- although it's designed to be run through an amp -- and Gliss is a 99-cent sequencer that you control by drawing on the screen with your finger.

If you want to hear what Gorillaz did with all of these apps, download "The Fall" for free by signing up to the Gorillaz fan club mailing list. Below, you can check out the full list of the album's 20 apps (with handy App Store links included).

The Apps:

Speak It!
Solo Synth [No App Store Link Available]
Korg iElectribe
Mellotronics M3000 HD
iOrgel HD
StudioMini XL
Dub Siren Pro
Moog Filatron [No App Store Link Available]

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