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iOS Remote 2.1 update gives you iTunes AirPlay streaming control

iOS remote streams to apple tv
Apple pushed out a new update to its universal iOS Remote app that adds some slick new functionality. If you happen to own an Apple TV as well the requisite iOS device, you can now use the app to control the AirPlay streaming of video to it from your iTunes on your computer. Remote 2.1 also lets you control Internet radio playback in iTunes on your computer, something you bizarly couldn't do before. If you're an iTunes Store user, you can now control playback of rented movies and TV shows on your computer using your iDevice, handy for 10-foot media consumption. A handful of performance and stability fixes have also been delivered, addressing connectivity issues with an iTunes library or an Apple TV. All in all, a worthy update for one of the best free app accessories for your Apple TV, Mac media experience, and iDevice.

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