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Android Market now supports carrier billing on AT&T

Android Market AT&T carrier billingCarrier billing is now available for the Android Market in the US for AT&T customers. Previously, only T-Mobile customers had the possibility of having the items they bought on the Android Market show up on their phone bill, thus not being forced to use Google Checkout to pay for any app or game purchases. Carrier billing makes impulse buying decisions much easier, and as such may have a positive impact on sales numbers.

This feature has been rolled out over the past few days to all AT&T customers who have Android phones.

Of course, Android is just getting started with carrier billing and it's got a very long way to go to catch up with Nokia's Ovi Store, which supports carrier billing on 100 carriers in 30 countries at the moment. However, Google is slowly but surely moving forward with this feature, so it's at least clear that they understand its importance.

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