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Send links from any browser to any smartphone -- with just a bookmarklet

Site to PhoneThe world's most graceful and simple solution for pushing links to your smartphone has just emerged. It's called Site to Phone, and it works for every major Web browser. Theoretically, it works for every smartphone OS, too; iOS, webOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry -- and maybe even Symbian.

Instead of requiring Chrome, or being restricted to just Android or iOS, this solution uses the most basic technologies ever: a JavaScript bookmarklet, and a website bookmark on your phone. It's so stupefyingly simple: the bookmarklet sends your current website to Site to Phone, and when you click the bookmark on your phone, you are redirected to that site. You put the Site to Phone bookmark on your phone's home screen, so it's always just one tap away.

If you don't want to use a bookmarklet, you can just visit the Site to Phone website and paste a link in -- once you save it, the link is immediately active on your phone. There is also a Chrome extension or Internet Explorer add-on, if you prefer.

It's hard to describe just how well it works; it's best if you just give it a go yourself. You don't even have to register: just visit Site to Phone, begin the process, and then type a unique URL into your phone. So, so easy.

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