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Google destroys Cr-48 Chrome OS netbooks in aid of 'testing'

Google's going all out with the pre-release Cr-48 testing, sending thousands of the pre-release Chrome netbooks to people across the US for in-the-home examinations. But why stop there? Why not destroy a few in the name of publicity?

In steps the Google Demo Lab, where 'Demo' stands for demolition! In what is best described as an amusing time waster, the Demo Labs site presents you with a Flash-based interactive video of Chrome OS netbooks being destroyed in hilarious fashion. A Gmail-type chat box pops up when you first hit the site allowing you to have a conversation with the Lab Tech guy. He asks you which method of destruction you'd like to use on the Cr-48 netbook, and shows you the resulting video. Having tried quite a few different keywords, it's obvious Google has spent quite a lot of time, and netbooks, on this kind of testing.

Jump on over to the Demo Lab to check it out for yourself when you've got a few minutes to fill.

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