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Swype Beta for Android opens up again -- don't miss out this time!

Swype promo photoSwype, by far the best on-screen input method for Android phones, is yet again available to download. The beta has been coming and going since the end of 2009 -- but for the second half of 2010 it's been impossible to get in on the action... until now! You can now sign up on the Swype Beta for Android website, and installation details will be emailed to you instantly.

If you haven't seen it in action before, the best idea is just to try it out yourself. But if you don't have an Android phone, our video review is after the break. Basically, rather than hitting each key individually, you draw a single 'line' through the letters you require. Swype, with uncanny accuracy, then works out what you're trying to write. It's very fast, and incredibly refreshing if you're used to jabbing at a touchscreen.

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