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Fandango lands on the iPad with slick universal app

Fandango iPad app
Fandango has officially launched an iPad version of their successful iPhone movie show times and ticketing app. The universal app, which is optimized to run on both the iPad and iPhone, allows you to look up show times across America. Fandango, for those unfamiliar with the company, is America's leading movie ticketing service and has apps on almost every mobile platform imaginable. The Fandango iPad app uses the additional screen real-estate Apple's 9.7-inch tablet provides wisely, including both portrait and landscape orientation support. You can look up show times by location, book tickets, view trailers and movie clips, see the current Box Office top 10, and read reviews from both critics and users. Even user reactions from Twitter are drafted into the app, although how much of a review you can fit into 140 characters besides 'It's awesome!' is debatable.

Fandango iPad app screenshot tour

Fandango also includes a feature called 'The Pulse,' which tracks ticket sales in real-time and displays them on map giving you a glimpse at current movie popularity across the United States. The whole app is well put together with a slick interface and a great user experience, but best of all it's free and available right now. So if you're a movie lover based in the US and you've got an iPad or iPhone, then hop on over the (US-only) App Store and get downloading, or check out our screen shot tour above.

Fandango (Universal) [iTunes] - Free

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