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Bing Destinations serves up quick travel info for 3,000 cities worldwide

When you use your favorite search engine to pull up information about a particular city, Microsoft figures there's a decent chance you're thinking about traveling there. To help you research and make a decision faster, Bing has added Destination pages, which provide a one-page snapshot of travel information.

3,000 cities worldwide are supported at the moment, though you'll need to make sure your region is set to United States. To change, simple visit Bing and click on your current country in the top-right corner. The first thing you'll see is a snippet about the city from Frommers, publishers of the popular travel guidebooks. Below that is a three-by-three grid with short range weather, upcoming events, local attractions and news, and relevant photos and videos. The sidebar also displays links to local landmarks like sports arenas, museums, and parks.

Check out the demonstration video to see Destinations in action, or go give it a shot yourself at

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