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XBMC 10.0 released with new add-on system and a ton of improvements

XBMC is a fantastic media center application, and while it works well for dedicated HTPCs, it also plays nice on desktop computers, alongside your other software. But now XBMC has hit the version 10.0 milestone with a plethora of changes and improvements. Here's a small sample of the goodies you can look forward to in 10.0:

  • Add-on support: The biggest change -- add-ons can now be browsed, installed, and updated from within XBMC itself, making it easy to change XBMC's look-and-feel or give it new functionality.
  • WebM/VP8 codecs: You can now watch videos encoded using Google's latest open-source video format right from within XBMC.
  • Hardware acceleration added for Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Linux improvement: VDAPU support improved and VAAPI support added.
There's a comprehensive changelog with much more, but why not just take the new, free, XBMC for a spin?

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