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Video Review: lets you easily create a personal landing page is a direct competitor of; both services try to help you create a personal landing page, hooked up to your "social media presence" on other sites (Facebook, Flickr, et al). left public beta a few days ago, and I decided to give it the video treatment today. I've put together an extensive review covering most of its features from a first-time user perspective. It's meant to be simple to use, and in the video you can see how friendly it is to non-techies. It basically allows you to create a beautiful page for yourself without writing a single line of code, and get a whole bunch of analytics while you're at it. Check out the video review after the jump!

At the end of the video you can see that Flickr integration did not work for me; that's not's fault – it's because of my Flickr sharing configuration.

[Full Disclosure: was purchased by Download Squad's parent company, AOL, shortly after Erez recorded his review. -- ed.]

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