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Mozilla's P2PU 'School of Webcraft' gearing up for another semester of nerdy teaching

It turns out Barney isn't the only dinosaur interested in education -- Mozilla (with its own Dinosaur) is ramping up the course count in its online education program, delivered via P2PU. 'The School of Webcraft' is basically a free online learning community with structured courses about a range of Web-related subjects, from HTML5, through JavaScript, all the way to social media management and SEO. Each class is between six to ten weeks long, with the Mozilla-supported program offering 15 classes last term. This coming semester, they're upping their efforts and running a full 30 courses.

Each class is led by an actual human being, and participation is required -- it's not just a bunch of videos you have to watch. There's a limited number of places available per class, and you have to actually do homework. Not all classes are for beginners either; some are for advanced coders, too. But registration isn't available just yet – it begins Jan 8, and there's a mailing list you can join to be alerted when registration opens.

If you're serious about your Web-related education, we suggest you sign up for the mailing list -- these courses tend to fill up quite quickly. Head on over to the School of Webcraft site for more information.

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