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Microsoft silently kills off Office Genuine Advantage anti-piracy software

Microsoft OfficeMicrosoft has silently decommissioned one of its primary weapons against Office suite piracy, the Office Genuine Advantage scheme. A wolf in sheep's clothing, OGA was essentially a road block through which you had to pass to download templates and the like. Proving that your Office installation was genuine allowed you through, and while it's obvious why it was there, it created yet another hurdle for legitimate users to jump over, while the pirates just circumvented it.

Microsoft seems to be keeping this one strangely quiet, even from the rest of the company, as the only mention of the demise of OGA being a retired Knowledge Base article, which ZDNet managed to dig up. Links for validating your genuine Office software across the rest of Microsoft's sites seem to be broken, indicating that the news wasn't internally circulated. Still, one less hurdle for legitimate users is always a nice -- goodbye OGA, you won't be missed.

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